As a regular Catholic Church goer, Sundays play an important role in my Roman Catholic Faith. Having been raised by conservative Roman Catholic parents, I was taught that the church is considered a highly revered place where believers and God can convene for one special hour in a week. I have been frequently attending Sunday Masses at St. Peter’s Church in Spokane. This church has been one of the places that I considered a favorite sanctuary whenever I feel down, depressed or just needing some answers. I would often go and talk to God or confess my sins to the priest. Everything in the church is formal and ritualized. Catholics are more known to be traditional and conventional in practicing their faith. Hence, all the things that you can see inside the church are elaborately decorated. You can see a lot of Religious Figures, images and statues from the bible in every corner of the church. Of course the most prominent one is Jesus and Mary and all the saints and angels. There are various religious statues and figurines that come in different sizes and colors. The interiors in the church are ostentatiously ornamented from the ceiling down to the floor.

That is just one of the things that I love most about this church. The other reason why I love it is simply because of its cleanliness and maintenance. Despite of its magnificent structure, I love how they were able to clean the areas that are hard to reach. I don’t know what kind of magic they do to the place but it is immense yet its cleanliness is immaculate. Even the statues which were mounted on the pedestals didn’t have any trace of dust or dirt them. The pews and even the carpet are also clean like the statues.Somehow, this can attest to their belief in the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. This cleanliness makes the place look more holy and venerable. That is why people would love to stay and pray longer because of its ideal environment for prayer. I knew for an instant who to credit for with this kind of cleanliness because I have been a regular customer with them for quite some time. I’ve been asking them to do the dirty jobs in my house especially the carpets which are all but a hassle to me. I frequently call these dependable carpet cleaners to clean my carpet because I am highly allergic to dust. Luckily, a friend of mine referred them to me and since then, I knew they are my life savers. These guys are truly the most reliable ones in Spokane when it comes to fast, efficient and budget friendly Carpet Cleaning and other maintenance services. That is why; I love the serenity of my home and this church because of these cleaners. And true enough, I have confirmed my hunch earlier on who services the cleaning and maintenance of the church. They use the same company as their website off the side truck parked out front.

Growing up, raised by artistic parents, my friend always had a fascination with anything artsy and miniature. Figures and characters from movies like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Marvel and DC Comics, Transformers and other cute cartoon characters sprawl the shelves in every corner. There’s a room whose walls hang with beautifully decorated paintings using different mediums of art. You’d also find a sacred room in her house where she keeps religious figurines, which are one of her fancy collectibles. Statues of Jesus and Mary, the saints, Buddha in all sorts of sizes and colors are kept inside that room. If you get a chance to visit her home, you’d think that you’re inside an art and culture museum.

This friend: a free-spirited, adventurous and artistic woman is surprisingly religious too. She’s the kind who wouldn’t settle being stuck inside the cubicle without being compensated for a good travel. When she travels to different parts of the world, she’d definitely bring home with her an art collectible or a religious figure from that country. There isn’t a room in her home that isn’t filled with colors, figures and art.

Considering the clutter brought about by her trinkets, you would expect to see a cumbersome home. But instead, her house is serene, organized and cozy. It’s quite impressive how she manages to keep her home immaculate despite all the stuff that she puts inside her house. The figurines on the shelves were stacked and arranged in perfect order according to its size, country, and category. Her paintings are dust-free. She explained that utmost cleanliness is a must for her house in order to preserve the quality of the paintings and the figurines. Even the windows on her studio-type apartment which is located on the top floors beamed with cleanliness. If you look at her windows outside, it windows would stand out from the other windows on that building. It’s such a shame that I couldn’t keep up with the cleanliness of her house. So I asked her how she keeps her apartment and every piece of her collections clean, despite her busy schedule and her travels abroad.

She told me that when it comes to the maintenance of her house, she doesn’t have many problems because her windows are sealed tight, so that dust won’t be able to penetrate it. She seldom puts out her vacuum cleaner. The windows outside are a major concern since she can’t reach them. That’s why she counts on the best window cleaners in Portland who has been servicing her for quite some time already. You’d be impressed by the excellent job that total window cleaning did in making her window clean from the outside. So clean you’d think it isn’t even there. Having envied my Friend, I got challenged to make my own house clean, especially the hard to reach areas like my window. At least now, I have an idea who to call when I need my windows cleaned really good. Thanks to her, I know about Total Window Cleaning.

religious figurinesReligion is an important part of our society, and around the world. In the homes of many Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Buddhists, there are figurines. These figurines may be different from each other in some ways, but they may all express a common theme: a belief in God. These ideas are expressed in different ways, and different people are honored for different reasons in these figurines.

Christian Figurines

The most common figurines that may be found in a Christian home might represent the cross, the nativity scene, Jesus, and angels. Jesus is the most highly honored figure in the Christian faith, and it is common for the image of the cross to be displayed as a memory of his death and resurrection. The nativity scene includes the baby Jesus, his mother Mary, and her husband Joseph in a manger. Some more complete sets will have wise men and animals as well. It is most commonly displayed at Christmas time when the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

christian-statueCatholic Figurines

In a Catholic home, many of the same images in a Christian home may be found. Jesus is honored as well, and angels may also be displayed. Mary is honored highly, and so figurines of her, besides that of a nativity scene are common. Uniquely Catholic figurines may represent the Pope, nuns, the Saints, and the crucified Jesus on the cross. (Christian images of the cross are without Jesus.)

Jewish Figurines

In a Jewish home, there are images that are quite different. Commonly, figurines in a Jewish home will have the engraved Star of David on them. Figurines of a rabbi, a bar mitzvah boy or a bat mitzvah girl may be displayed. Any figurines of males will have a yamika shown on the head. Jews do not recognize Jesus, therefore, there would be no figurines of him.

Buddhist Figurines

Figurines of the Buddha are common as well. There are separate images of the Buddha. Some of them show him as a heavier man while others show him as a slender man. Most figurines of Buddha will show him sitting with his legs crossed and eyes closed for meditation.

Hindu Figurines

Figurines of many Hindus Gods can be found in Hindu Temples throughout India. Most prominently are Krishna, Radha, Jagganatha, Caitanya, Rama, Vishnu, Laksmi, and Shiva. Often these figurines are placed on a sanctified altar and worshiped daily.

The religious expression comes in many forms. Home decorating is simply one of the ways that people express their faith in God. For Christians Jesus is honored, for Catholics Mary is Honored, and for Jews Moses and God himself are honored. For Buddhists, the Buddha is honored.